by Tilly Smith Dix

This is an email I’ve sent to this scammer, who stole my images off Instagram and my blog to create a fake US passport card as well as fake online dating profiles to scam elderly, lonely men.

How did the victims find me? They used Google’s photo reverse tracking to find the origins of my images once they became suspicious of my likeness, known as Charlotte Shaw. To all the real Charlotte Shaws out there, report this thief for stealing your identity! Don’t be abused.

Why did this despicable person steal my photos? I live in Australia and they probably thought my pictures would not be recognised in the US. They underestimated this South African – and the power of the internet. So, this is what I sent to one of their known email addresses. I also have their phone number…want it?

Above, photographs stolen from my Instagram fashion page by the fraudster to create a false US ID and online dating profiles to defraud lonely older men!

Email to a fraudulent thief:

Charlotte – we know this is not your real name and international crime investigation is on it now.

You call yourself Charlotte, amongst other names I’m sure, defrauding lonely older men on dating sites. Yes, some of those people were smart enough to find me to report your actions to me, using MY images! How DARE you!

You have messed with the wrong person by stealing my photographs to create your fake ID and profiles to scam people. I used to be an investigative journalist. Your crime is a federal offence around the world – from Nigeria to the US!

Your actions have been reported to international internet fraud government divisions. We now have all your contact details and images used in your disgusting scams, with your digital ID. It is rather exciting.

Today I am going live on the internet with your fake IDs and images used of me. I believe it is going viral.

I suggest you start deleting my images and running back to the dark hole you obviously come from – vile bottom-feeders like you eventually go to jail. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun there, meeting others just like you.

I have blind copied several authorities herewith. I look forward to taking this to the next level. International law is an exciting field.

Keep doing this and simply dig a deeper hole for yourself. You are now in the spotlight.

You can run but you cannot hide.


One thought on “Run, Charlotte, run!

  1. Hi Tilly, Just received this today. Same photos you have listed above. I couldn’t copy them so I copied the link addresses below for you to see. Regards Jim

    Charlotte Shaw
    4:23 AM (10 hours ago)

    How are you doing Jim, I’m sorry for my late reply..It was so nice to hear from you and I have to say big thanks to my good friend for being a perfect match maker. Though I’m new to online dating, because I’m very selective in what I am looking for in a relationship. The best part of a relationship is to have my best friend who knows me and I know him well because we take the time to build trust, understanding, respect and knowledge and our communication is brilliant and honest and often.


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