Pertwood Organic Farm has received the Wiltshire Life Award 2019 for Conservation Project of the Year.

Tamara Webster of Pertwood was presented with the prize by Will Thompson of Ramsbury, who sponsored the prize, at the awards ceremony held at the medieval Tithe Barn in Tisbury on 29 March 2019, (pictured below).

Pertwood Wiltshire Life award 2019 Nick Adams and Tamara

Nick Adams, Pertwood’s wildlife consultant, received second prize in the Countryside Champion of the Year category.

The annual Wiltshire Life Awards are held in recognition of conservation, creative endeavours, bravery, community spirit, entrepreneurship, arts, culture, hospitality, and more. Sponsors include Ramsbury, Smith & Williamson and the like.

Pertwood’s over 30-year tradition of organic farming has resulted in a wealth of wildlife residing in the unspoiled, chemical-free environment. The RSPB is keenly involved in monitoring the incredible variety of wildlife species that make this location their home.

The second oldest and one of the largest organic farms in the UK,

Pertwood is located on 2,600 acres of ancient downland. Harvesting oats, barley and other cereal crops, the soil is organically fertilised by the farm’s beef cattle and a flock of some 1,800 sheep.

The farm has the largest corn bunting population in the UK, where raptors, nightingales, skylarks and many other species reside in harmony. Deer, hare, foxes, badgers, a large range of beetles, bugs and other crawling creatures are a testament to the natural health of the soil.

A butterfly bank, in conjunction with a team of butterfly experts, has been created through the planting of butterfly-friendly plants, adding further longevity to the species for the farm and region.

Lower Pertwood Farm Wilf Poppies 2 June 2017

Wildflowers along the Lower Pertwood farm border with the A350, which is the main road between Warminster and Shaftesbury, is a tourist attraction in its own right.  Messages of appreciation for the scenic spectacle arrive daily from locals and visitors to the region.

Pertwood’s established Wildlife Matters newsletter is true to its philosophy of preserving the land and its creatures through every aspect of honouring the environment. 

Pertwood recently launched its 100% organic muesli online.  Packaged in a recyclable box and biodegradable inner bag, the farm remains true to its commitment to a healthy environment.

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