By Tilly Smith Dix

A golden feast of fashion, beauty and theatre

I’ve always loved autumn. When the days are cooler, the nights cosier and the colours turn to warm, russet hues, I dig out my soft woollen sweaters, sheepskin slippers, (sorry if this upsets my vegan friends), and mohair blankets. Ready!

Spending more time in the kitchen also becomes attractive as this past summer took its toll of my capacity for heat. Probably as a result of less rainfall during the hot season, I guess. Then we had those awful bushfires not far from here. I take enormous pleasure in mentioning the penetrating rain of last weekend, which truly made my heart sing. I think I could hear the grass grow after that glorious downpour.

Serendipity seems to always greet a new season as a new Facebook friend decided to spoil me simply because I showed support by liking her page for Arbonne, which she consults for in Melbourne. She asked me to provide her with my delivery address so she could send me a special thank you by mail.

A few days later, thanks to the speedy service of Australia Post, a parcel was delivered to my mail box, complete with healthy diet shakes and health potions plus a full range of skin products, ranging from a cleanser to toner, renewal serum, corrective eye cream and night repair cream. Well, just colour me happy and watch me shed my dry summer skin for a dewy glow, just in time for autumn.


Above: The autumn charms of the Yarra Valley & Ranges near Melbourne.

I have been using the travel-size Arbonne Anti-ageing Skincare Line for almost a week now and it is already obvious what a difference it has made in such a short period of time. I commend Izelle Van Aardt’s marketing skills to promote a product she feels passionate about.

I was a little worried as after cleansing, I applied the regenerating toner, the intensive renewal serum, followed by the night repair cream and corrective eye cream, when my skin felt rather tingly. However, after about 30 minutes the tingling sensation eased off and it felt good. Now, almost a week later, my skin feels tighter yet plumped up and moist. Having closely inspected the areas I most fret over, such as my frown lines, crows feet and the skin around my jowls, I’m confident the elasticity has improved and the lines seem less pronounced.

I’m also happy to advise the skincare kit only expires at the end of July. I recently had a bad reaction to an expired product gifted to me.

As for the Arbonne essentials energy fizz, which contains pomegranate flavour, I have one word: delicious! I poured the fizz into a glass of water on a day I felt a tad tired after a late night slaving over a hot laptop, which resulted in less sleep as I had to rise early in the morning. After breakfast and cappuccino, I still felt as if I was operating in slow motion, hence the decision to give the fizz a go. I kid you not, within 30 minutes I felt more perky and managed a full day’s work without skipping a beat.

Having checked what comprises this wonder elixir, I think the caffeine, calcium and camellia extract did the trick. I’ll keep you posted on the rest of the potions and will use Andrew as my guineapig to test the meal replacement shake as he has advised me of his intention to shed a kilo or two. Not that he is by any means overweight, of course…


Above: having fun on Sixty_is_the_new_40 Instagram – Cathy approves.

I may have mentioned I’ve already started digging out some jumpers and other fashion items from my closet to welcome the new season. Well, I’d like to share my delight in the fashion come-backs for the season, which include the wider culotte pants. Why am I so overjoyed at this? I still have my beautiful wool-blend wide pants from about 16 years ago and they are perfectly on trend!

Of course, the new season will always dazzle one with some fine new colours and designs, which I may or may not indulge in. Oh, okay, I could not resist, I did invest in a loungewear outfit to spruce up my wardrobe and may I say, the fabulous Instagram gals who follow me from around the world have been most complimentary about my acquisition. Shhhhh, don’t tell Andrew…


Above: celebrating a golden autumn – I love this tree in Olinda.

The fact that I’m a sucker for a gorgeous short or long pair of boots is no secret among those who adore me and whom I adore right back. Autumn calls for some bright colours to brighten the browns and greys and I could not be happier to slip into a pair of bright red ankle boots, just to show there’s still some spark in this ‘mature’ chook!

When Andrew announced he’d bought tickets for us to see a play at The 1812 Theatre, I was already assembling my old-gold Jenni Button suit of wide trousers and matching jacket, purchased at least 14 years ago in Johannesburg, teamed with a cream Witchery blouse acquired last year. After all, I still believe in showing respect for the performing arts by dressing up and showing up on time.

Breaking the Code, written by Hugh Whitemore and directed by Malcom Sussman, proved a triumph. Not in a million years would anyone watching the play have believed this was amateur theatre. The story, which was about Alan Turing, the iconic codebreaker who made history during World War II, reflected his unconventional lifestyle. Being gay during a time when it was unlawful, made life difficult for this genius. Michael Fenemore as Turing was illuminating in the lead role, whilst the rest of the cast were superb too.

It is rather quaint and old-fashioned to get free sherry, orange juice or choices of wine before the show and ‘supper’ after. The snacks comprised finger eats, which included scrumptious little steak and kidney pies, cheese and biscuits, sweets and fruit – and delicious Yarra Valley bubbles for me. I think the old theatre guard would approve. We certainly do and remain loyal to the amateur theatrical societies in this beautiful region surrounding Melbourne.

Cheers to the good life and autumn in all its glorious golden shades – and if you are entering spring on the other side of the world, may it be enchanting too…

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