By Tilly Smith Dix

Members of CACA, Chinese-Australian Contemporary Artists, will exhibit at Art at Linden Gate in Yarra Glen from 11 January to 11 February 2019.

The gala opening takes place on Saturday, 12 January from 1-3pm – all welcome, RSVP for catering purposes at:

CACA strives to merge the two cultures in artistic harmony, resulting in members receiving multiple awards since the group’s founding 20 years ago.

Born in China and raised in Australia, the artists’ inspiration is drawn from their unique experiences, resulting in exquisite east-meets-west contemporary art.

CACA goes beyond traditional Chinese art forms such as ink painting, calligraphy and folk art.

Two of the artists have created outdoor sculptures, one of which comprises hebel blocks and set to flow through the fence into the paddock at Art at Linden Gate. The sculptures will be installed in time for the exhibition to enable visitors to view the artists’ work in detail. These creations will complement the panoramic vistas of the magnificent Yarra Valley visible through the gallery windows.

CACA members to exhibit at Art at Linden Gate gallery are:

BAI Xiao Yu; CAI Echo;  CHEN Ping; CHEN Zhong; FU Hong; HE Jimmy; HE Pei Pei; KUANG Zai; LI Yinghong; NONG Jiaxin; and XIE Chaohui.

Art at Linden Gate was established in 1985 by the highly acclaimed sculptor Ernst Fries and is managed by his daughter Reggie Clark, pictured above, bottom right.

Ernst, now aged 83, still has his studio and home on this scenic property.

Art at Linden Gate also offers boutique accommodation for visitors to the spectacular region less than an hour’s drive from Melbourne.



Call: 03 9730 1861 – Art at Linden Gate, 899 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road, Yarra Glen, Vic 3775


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