Resort-style glamour

By Tilly Smith Dix

I must have done something right at some point as I’m getting to review stunning fashion and dining delights on our doorstep. What’s not to love.

I was treated to an early birthday gift by way of the versatile, fun, stylish  Belinda Phillips’ La Luna Lifestyle designs. A perfect summer fest of fashion fabulous.

Having been fortunate enough to indulge in the summer pleasures of the French Riviera and the like in my past, I’m tempted to book a passage on a cruise liner or check into a luxe beachfront resort closer to home as I’m set for the jolly season – in style!

Tilly La Luna summer resort and sun Sydney Dec 2017

Luxe resort-style summer fashion by La Luna Lifestyle.

I’m also pleased none of my relatives and yaya sisters would try to persuade me to part with my new fashion stash as they don’t wear my size. So, I get to be girly and selfish, indulging in the exquisite La Lunda Lifestyle designs for many years to come.

There are fifty ways to wear three delightfully versatile garments, anywhere your travels happen to take you, from St Kilda to Mornington to Sydney or a romantic resort in the Seychelles. The easy elegance of these designs is evocative of exotic living, in our own back yard if we prefer.

The La Luna Lifestyle cotton caftan with sequin, bead and tassel detail, comes in colour choices of blue, brown, khaki-green and orange. My colour of choice was the orange on white and it did the trick to set the mood for a fun summer. The free flow of the design makes for an exhilarating mood. Worn over a bathing costume as beachwear or glamorised over a pair of jeans with heels, this caftan secures belle of any summer party status.

Caftan heaven.

Never having been much of a baby doll fashion follower, I have changed my mind, as any lass is entitled to when it comes to fashion. The cool flow of the fine rayon fabric of the La Luna Lifestyle swing dress, gorgeous colour choices, ranging from watermelon to black, white or putty, makes this a shining star in any summer wardrobe. Wear it over a slinky under-dress, or on its own, or over pants or a camisole, with flats or heels, depending on the occasion, and you’ll feel like a million-dollar woman!

My colour choice is the provocative watermelon, what’s not to love?

Swing dress or shirt, delicious comfort.

The third fashion find this summer is the La Luna Lifestyle Zen tunic, available in white, black and stone. I favour white and the combination of bamboo viscose and cotton, with subtle lace and tassel detail, makes this soft, body-skimming garment a new classic. Worn as a short dress, or over jeans, or over silky evening pants, this is a hero piece for any occasion.

Zen shirt with feminine lace and tassel detail.

Yes, La Luna Lifestyle has created joyful chic this festive season. Make merry, feel and look fabulous, and pour me some bubbles, please…cheers to the good life.

Go to and order online, better be quick…

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