Feeling fabulous at any age…

By Tilly Smith Dix



As a mature woman of petite stature, I became a slave to enduring fashion ever since earning my first paychecks whilst part-time modelling on Saturday mornings to encourage departmental store shoppers to spend more on fashion when I was in senior school.

No prizes for guessing where my first monthly paycheck went to after board and lodge deductions when commencing with my first full-time job either. Of course, working in PR in the performing arts required looking glamorous when dealing with international performers and impresarios. It was fabulous and I ended up on a road of no return when it came to striving to look my best.

Today, I spend less on clothing and one of the many perks of becoming ‘mature’ of age and a hunter gatherer of chic fashion, is that you get to wear garments you’ve carefully packed away for some years when they went out of fashion and become all the rage again…see full review on Retail Therapy page of TillyTheGoodLife, have fun!


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